About IMU

The Israeli Musicians’ Union (IMU) is the representative worker’s union of the professional musicians of Israel, freelance as well as salaried musicians working under individual or collective agreements
The IMU was established in 1974 by a group of freelance musicians, and has grown through the years to represent the majority (over 85%) of the professional musicians' community in Israel

The Union strives to bring under its roof the young generation of musicians, graduates of the music academies and colleges in Israel

The IMU is signed on collective agreements with most of the major employers of musicians such as: The Israeli Broadcasting Authority, commercial TV and radio stations, cable and satellite broadcasters, public theaters, recording industry, cellular phone companies and the majority of the chamber and symphony orchestras of Israel

The IMU is very active in the field of legislation, promoting improvements in the level of protection of performers' rights, social security rights and the social status of the Israeli musicians. In 1984 the IMU was one of the main moving forces behind the protection of performers' rights legislation in Israel and following the enterance into force of the law, a collective society by the name of EILAM was established by IMU to serve the musicians comunity of Israel

 .The IMU is a member of the international federation of musicians' unions FIM and Mr. Dan Gottfried, IMU president, serves as the IMU delegate to the FIM executive committee

The IMU office address is: 6 Rabin Square Tel-Aviv 6495104, Israel

Tel: +972 3 695 9355

Fax: +972 3 696 3528

Office hours: Sun – Thu 09:00 – 16:00

President: Dan Gottfried

email:  dan@eilam.org.il

Vice president: Yosef Menachem


Legal Adviser: ADV. Revital Amir

email:  revital@eilam.org.il

Secretary: Meital Baram


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